This is a Woman

The creator of the popular website Shape of a Mother has created a new body-image site called This is a Woman. I love it because it isn’t just for women who’ve had children or are directly in the childbearing stage of life. Rather it is for ALL women young and old.

I’ll tell my own story for a bit here and share that one of the most profound healing body-image moments for me was when I saw the movie Who’s Life Is It Anyway? starring Richard Dreyfuss. In the film after he has become paralyzed he has dreams of his ballerina girlfriend and there is this whole scene of her dancing naked. That was the very first time that I had ever seen a flat-chested woman naked (other than myself), and the fact that she was the object of his sexual desire made me feel for the first time that my body might appear very beautiful to the opposite sex.

While I think it is very healing to see non-sexualized pictures of women, the fact remains that we want to be beautiful…to men. There is a part in all of us that wants affirmation that our shape inspires a man’s lust.

So many young women are getting breast implants today because they fear that they are not sexy without them. Some even believe that they are deformed if they have one breast a little larger than the other, or underdeveloped if they have less than a B or A cup. But this isn’t true. All of the above are in the range of normal healthy breasts. And there are lots of men who prefer small breasted women.

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