Experience the love of your creator

The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly. The soul must languish when we give all our thought to the body.
Mohandas Gandhi

I agree that the soul languishes when we give all our thought to the body.

The looks of disdain, the grabbing of flesh. Talking bad about yourself with friends as an act of female bonding. It’s abusive. Eating disorders, exercising disorders, how about the “I’m-an-Average-American-Woman-so-I’m-supposed-to-hate-some-part-of-my-body” disorders? These are body problems, but at a deeper level they are soul problems.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can be fully ALIVE and HEALTHY people appreciating every God-given part of a body that we use to travel this earth.

It is such a MIRACLE that you and I are here. If you think about all of the choices throughout all man-kind that somehow brought your mother and father together in a night of passion on that very month where you were conceived. YOUR PRESENCE HERE IS A TRUE MIRACLE. Any other month, and it wouldn’t be you. It’s the Lottery of the universe right? And you won. Bingo!

Every step of the way miracles happened as you were formed within your mother’s womb. Getting the eyes just right, and the ears, and the heart and lungs. If you live in a healthy body PRAISE GOD and then PRAISE GOD once again! It is a miracle. For you, it all fell into place. Praise God.

Then by the gift of God you were born from your mother’s womb with a body that was a blueprint form ready to grow and change to carry you through your years of life. Praise God for the body that continued to grow and change in health.

Do you give one thought to your lungs as they gather breath? To your heart and blood as it brings oxygen to your cells? To your hormones as they ready your womb? I don’t. But if we spent a little more time being thankful and grateful for all that our bodies do for us without even asking. Giving to us and giving to us every single day. Wow.

I know that when my daughter hands me a picture she’s worked hard on, I’m so pleased to see her drawing of herself and of me and her I Luv my MoMMy scrawled across the top. It would never occur to me to hyper-obsess about some perceived flaw in her drawing. I know if I looked hard enough and often enough I could find so many things “wrong” with the picture! She mispelled Love, her lines have no symmetry, she colored the rainbow the wrong order of colors, the sun is totally out of place…But that would be ridiculous! And wouldn’t that be missing the ultimate point of the whole thing?

I sometimes wonder how God feels. All of these beautiful women he created, billions. Such beautiful work and artistry in each one. And so many cry every single night because their ___ isn’t just so. I imagine God is a little frustrated and sad.

Today, please take a step back. See the whole picture. Appreciate all that you are. You are a work of art. Bask in the love of your creator as He formed you every step of the way.

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