How to love that body part you love to hate

You all know what I’m talking about. That part of your body that your eyes fall to the moment you’re in front of the mirror. It’s the body part you grab and look at from side to side. The part you analyze with frustration and disgust. It’s the one you’ve considered “fixing” or wish would magically “fix” itself. It’s the one that you think would make your clothes look better if it were different. Certainly a bathing suit would look better. It’s that part you love to hate.

Believe it or not, that body part that you love to hate is so IMPORTANT. Becoming friends with that part of your body is a major key to you opening your heart in other important ways.

I know the depth of sadness you are feeling. Wouldn’t you like it to be over? If not magically overnight, then wouldn’t you like to move your thinking in the right direction? It isn’t your body that needs to change. It’s you. So here’s how to do it.

1. You must stop consuming negative body-image media. Fashion and gossip magazines have to be purged from your life fully. Be very careful about what types of tv shows you are watching. If watching the women on the program is making you feel critical of yourself, you must turn away from it, even if you like the plot of the show! Commercials are especially sneaky. Do you allow yourself to passively watch commercials about skin rejuvenating cream that talk about wrinkles as though they are a skin disease? Weight loss commercials that repeat the words “Ugly Fat” four times in one minute?  Don’t fall prey to this madness! As soon as you spot it, get it out of your life!

2. As soon as you feel that negative energy I want you to turn away and physically with your arms push that energy back from you. Imagine yourself pushing it away like pushing water away from your waist. If that negativity has already crept inside of you I want you to imagine you are taking it out balling it up like a newspaper and and throwing it away. Don’t let that energy inside of you at all. This might sound a bit crazy but that is Satan’s energy! Only the Devil would make God’s beautiful people believe they are ugly. Satan has done so much damage to God’s people and we are seduced into allowing him inside of us all the time. Don’t let him in.

3. Praise. Daily you must praise the part you struggle with. How can you show gratitude for that body part? Because certainly that part of your body is working hard for you in some way. The daily praise will begin to heal you. It won’t happen overnight but I PROMISE you will feel better right now if you can come up with five things you appreciate about your _____.

4. See the beauty. This can take longer to achieve. But with daily praise to all that that body part does for you, perhaps one day you can even extend the virtue of beauty to that part. How is it beautiful? Could it possibly be?

I pray for your journey and continued healing.

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